IS thesis

I have written the thesis for my master Information Studies on the topic of production process optimization. Deep Reinforcement Learning was used to approximate optimal solutions for Job Shop Scheduling Problems and Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling Problems. Download my thesis here.

AI thesis

To conclude the bachelor program Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University, I wrote my thesis at ProRail. During a period of six months, I did research on how to predict the function recovery time of railway incidents, using machine learning algorithms. Download my thesis here.


The research for my AI thesis was executed at the DataLab of ProRail, from December 2018 to May 2019. I wrote an internship report to shortly explain my activities during this period, which can be downloaded here.

LAS thesis

The bachelor program of Liberal Arts & Sciences mainly focuses on looking at problems from multiple perspectives, and integrating different disciplines. The thesis is therefore an interdisciplinary cooperation between students from different specializations. Ours can be downloaded here.